martedì 7 ottobre 2014

Made with Rock n' Roll Attitude!

CaraibiRockers is an independent Italian clothing company founded in 2010 from the ambitious project of three guys.
Our ethos is based in our team’s desire to create a brand that we, and our customers believe in. The crew here lives and breathes vintage speed machines, rock n’ roll music, traditional tattoos, rum and old stories about caribbean pirates. We love motorcycles with strong personality, cafe racers, bobbers, brat style bikes and stuff like that.
Our brand name is made up of two words: Caraibi and Rockers. The first one, Caraibi, means caribbean in Italian.
We love the atmosphere of that places, especially stories and adventures about caribbean pirates. Not the recent Hollywood movies but books and tales about the real history of piracy.
The second one, Rockers, is for Rockers subculture, a biker subculture that originated in the United Kingdom during the 1950s, mainly centered around motorcycles and rock and roll music.
We like the rockers culture and the nostalgic black and white photos depicting their era. So, these two worlds are tied together by a deep passion for everything that is authentic and done with rock n’ roll attitude (as expressed by our company slogan: rude n’ pure), whether it is riding defiantly and in total freedom on a bike or on the waves. This is what inspires the CaraibiRockers graphics. 

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